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Local 7 is pleased to announce that you can now pay your monthly membership dues online.

Click on Local 7 Member Portal link located just under the banner on the homepage or you can click on About Us and a link is located there as well.  It is called "Local 7 Member Portal."

Once on the IU Portal site, you have to create an account before utilizing the Username, Password fields. The “Create an account” link is immediately to the right of the Username/Password fields.  You will need your membership card for some of the questions such as what is your IU number or what is your date of initiation?

Once the account is created and you’ve chosen a username and password, there will be a delay until an e-mail confirmation is sent to your inbox.  Upon receipt of your confirmation, go back to the portal page and plug in your Username and password.  The following webpage will have links on the left margin, one of them is to pay dues by credit card.

If you have any questions please call (718) 786-7648

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