Territorial Jurisdiction

The territorial jurisdiction of Local 7 Tile, Marble, & Terrazzo Union encompasses all of state of New Jersey, all Boroughs of Greater New York City, all of Long Island, and the counties of Westchester, Rockland, Sullivan, Ulster, Dutchess, Putnam, and Orange.

Craft Jurisdiction

All cutting carving, drilling, setting of interior marble and/or stone at the job site and the supervision of all work under the direction and control of the Employer are under the jurisdiction of the union. This does not preclude a member of the union from handling and unloading his own material. The operation of all interior cranes, derricks, and all rigging for heavy work at the jobsite is the jurisdiction of the union.

The polishing of all marble and/or stone work including all patching, sticking and cleaning down of marble, travertine, slate and/or similar material after it is in the building, and the cleaning, sealing or rubbing of all marble, slate, or travertine floor. The refinishing and cleaning of old interior and exterior marble and similar materials is under the jurisdiction of the union.

Work under this agreement is understood to be all marble, granite, stone, aluminum honeycomb stone panels, and glass (except glass brick), processed imitation stone or marble, slate, soapstone work, precast concrete, slate tile and all precast terrazzo used in the interior, beginning at the inside door jamb line of the entrance of the building. Burning and welding in connection with the installation of any of the fore mentioned work is the jurisdiction of the Marble Craftsmen.

The cutting or setting of all tile where used for floors, walls, ceilings, walks, promenade roofs, exterior veneers, stair treads, stair risers, facings, hearths, fireplaces, and decorative inserts, together with any marble plinths, thresholds or window stools used in connection with any tile work; also to prepare and set all concrete, cement, brickwork, or other foundations or material that may be required to properly set and complete such work.

The application of a float coat or coats of Portland cement mortar prepared to proper tolerance to receive floor tiles on floors, walls, ceilings regardless of whether the Portland cement mortar coat is wet or dry at the time the tile is applied to it.

The setting of tile bonded with Portland cement mortar, where the bed is floated, screened, slabbed or buttered and where the joints are not filled in the same operation.

The setting of all tiles by the adhesion method with organic and/or inorganic thin-bed bonding materials where such bonding material is applied to the backing surface and/or the back of tile units or sheets of tile is within the tile jurisdiction.

The setting of tile as herein provided shall include the installation of accessories and the insertion of decorative tile inserts in other materials.

The mounting, setting, sealing, and installation of prefabricated tile panels in the shop and at the job, the setting of decorations, mantels and counters, the patching of old and new work, installing thin set waterproofing is the jurisdiction of the Tile Setters and Finishers.

Casting in any form and applying on the job or in the shop of cement, epoxy ( including seamless flooring, trowel down sand and quartz epoxy flooring and all other resinous flooring that may be included ),magnesite, latex. Dex-o-tex, exposed aggregate (on both horizontal & vertical surfaces), rustic terrazzo and Terra-top. The calking and etching of all cast terrazzo work as described above. The forgoing is intended to include any and all other substitutes that may be applied using the same method as terrazzo.

All bedding, scratch or screed coat. The preparation, cutting, laying or setting of all metal, wooden or other kinds of strips used in terrazzo work.

The finishing of cement floors where additional aggregate is added by spreading or sprinkling on top of the finished base, then troweled or rolled into the finish then ground by grinding machines. The rubbing, grinding cleaning and finishing of all terrazzo work as described.

Mosaic-The cutting, splitting and shaping of all materials natural and/or manufactured and which may be worked under the same method as Mosaic and installed on the job. Mosaic work includes but is not limited to the following; Art Marble Mosaic, Venetian and Domestic are among the few types of mosaic work

Due to new research and development old products are constantly being introduced into the industry and any new materials and/or methods that replace traditional methods will fall under the jurisdiction of the terrazzo worker.

The above is an overview and does not constitute a full description of the jurisdiction of the work assigned to the terrazzo workers of Local 7.