Training Center

Local 7 has several programs available to its members which will allow them to grow in experience within their craft and industry. Any member wanting to participate in any of the programs offered should contact, Victor Desalvo JATC Coordinator, at the IMI Training Facility 718-706-9139 for details and an appointment.

Courses, Training, and courses Available:

OSHA Training

Safety Training Certification as mandated by Federal & State Law is awarded upon completion of the specified course in on jobsite safety measures.

Scaffold Training
Certification in the use of pipe scaffolding is awarded upon completion of all facets of pipe scaffold including erection, dismantling, and on scaffold use.

Forklift Training
Certification certificate is presented to all applicants completing the course in the use of a forklift, and exhibit the practical skills necessary in operating a forklift.

Blueprint Reading
Blueprint Reading is offered to all apprentices entering their third year of apprentice training as well as any journeyman wishing to further their education in the new computerized prints as well as the traditional prints.

Cross Training
All Local 7 members desiring to train in an associated craft in an attempt to increase their value and versatility by being certified in more than one trade can accomplish this through training offered at the IMI Training Facility.

Upgrade Trading
Any member wishing to improve their skills within their chosen craft can do so at the IMI School two nights a week. This includes journeyman wanting to sharpen their skills as well as finishers who desire a chance to become a setter.

Respirator Fitting
IMI is certified to fit any member with a respirator and will then field test it for effectiveness.