Apprentice Training consists of a 12 week pre-job practical course of 35 hours a week. After completion of the course, apprentices are presented with tools of their intended craft and are assigned to a contractor to begin their “on the job” training. All apprentices are required to complete 144 hours a year of related training for the remainder of their 4 year apprenticeship after which they graduate to journeyman status

Contents of the 12 week Pre-job Classes:

Classroom instruction, safety issues, handling of material, cutting and setting of floor & wall material. Instruction in alternative material, layout of jobsites, methods of anchoring and the installation of treads and risers Installation of countertops. All classes conclude with a summary evaluation and the submission of a final project.

Classroom instruction, wall & floor preparation, use of cutting methods, layout procedures, and floating walls and floors. The setting of tile on walls, floors, and ceilings, soffits, and steps. Safety training, summary evaluation and the submission of a final project.

Instruction in the trade tools, handling of material on jobsites, safety instructions and preparation of the bed complete with waterproofing and membrane. Layout on the jobsite, installation of divider strips, the differences in mortar and chips, and the installation of horizontal terrazzo. The installation of epoxy terrazzo, Teratop, and related safety techniques. The grinding, polishing, washing and cleaning of all terrazzo installations. Summary evaluation and the submission of a final project.
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