Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Local Union No. 7 History

Local 7 is a Mega Local. It was formed by the merger of seven individual BAC Allied Crafts locals into one autonomous unit. The locals comprising this Mega Local were:

  • Tile Setters Union of NY & NJ (formally Local 52)
  • Tile Finishers of NY (formally Local 88)
  • Tile Finishers of NJ (formally Local 77)
  • Marble Carvers, Cutters, & Setters Union of NY & NJ (formally Local 4)
  • Marble Finishers Union of NY (formally Local 20)
  • Marble Polishers & Restoration Finishers of NY (formally Local 24)  
  • Terrazzo, Mosaic, & Decorative Chemical Product Finishers (formally Local 3) 

These locals were first formed as a District Council in 1993 and later merged into a Mega Local by the BAC on November 1, 1994 under the leadership of its first president Charles Hill.

In April 2002 Local 7 moved into its permanent home when it purchased the union hall offices where it now resides. During that time Local 7 upgraded its technology utilizing the improvements made ion the computer and communication fields.

In October Local 7 published its first newsletter furthering the flow of information to its members. It has maintained a bi-annual status since.

December 2007 marked the return of Local 7 handling the dues collection and processing. Members will now be able to pay dues at meetings, the union hall personally, or by phone with a debit card. Members can still mail in their dues payments if they choose. Local 7 has hired its own in house accountant, Lawrence Walmsley to oversee the operation.

In 2008 Local 7 launched its website which you are currently reading. It is hoped that this vehicle will inform, educate, and advise our members in a more timely fashion. This website will always be a work in progress with new information and links to other sites being added each day. The website will contain a “feed back” link which will allow members to send in questions, suggestions, and comments to the union.

Through the leadership of President, William Hill and Secretary Treasurer Matt Guy, Local 7 is moving forward serving their membership, improving their benefits, and spearheading their place in today’s labor movement.